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What is Avactis extensions?

Avactis extensions extends the features and functionality of Avactis Shopping Cart.Extensions for Avactis Shopping Cart can ONLY be used with Avactis 2.1.
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Avactis extensions:

Ajax Mini Cart
Allows customers to add products to their carts and see cart contents on that same page. Your customers will see products, prices, and total price. They can remove products if they want and proceed to manage cart page and to checkout.
Send to Friend
This feature allows your customers to share products they like with their friends and will attract more customers to your online store.
Last Viewed Products
The extension remembers and displays products that customers last viewed. This feature helps customers return quickly to these products and save browsing time.

You are not permitted to use the Avactis extension in more than one instance or location (URL, domain, subdomain, etc.). Avactis extension license is authorized to be used on one domain.


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