Update to Avactis 2.1


Avactis Shopping Cart 2.1 Update Utility

With this update utility you can update Avactis Shopping Cart from version 1.9.1 eBusiness to 2.1 eBusiness.

How to download the update files

To download the update files, go to http://www.Avactis.com/support.php, select User Type "I'm a current customer and I want fresh updates" and enter all of the required data. The update information and a download link will be sent to your e-mail address.

Update Procedure

1. Obtain the avactis-update-2.1.0.zip file via the support form (http://www.Avactis.com/support.php). In the User Type  field, select "I'm a current customer and I want the latest updates", then enter all of the required data. The update information and a download link will be sent to your e-mail address.

2. Extract the contents of Avactis-update-2.1.zip and upload Avactis-update.dat and Avactis-update.php files to Avactis Shopping Cart installation directory on your hosting server  (typically it is the directory that contains the Avactis-system  and Avactis-images subdirectories).

3. Switch the store to CLOSED.

4. Make sure to back up the Avactis database.

5. Make sure to back up all Avactis files (including system files in  the "Avactis-system" folder).

6. Run the Avactis-update.php script in your web-browser. To do so, simply enter the script URL in the web-browser address line like so: http://www.yoursite.com/path/to/shop/Avactis-update.php

Your web-browser must have cookies and JavaScript enabled.

7. Follow the instructions appearing in the web-browser.

8. After the update is finished, it is recommended to visually check  the integrity of all orders, products, store settings, catalog, and  the correct operation of the storefront.

9. Switch the store back to ONLINE.

Frequently Asked Questions About Updating

1. Do I have to back up my Avactis store database and the system files?

We strongly recommend making backup copies. If you skip backup and then your server fails or the connection is lost during the updating process, etc., you risk losing your online store's data. Future Avactis releases will be designed to perform automatic backups of your database and files.

2. How do I back up my Avactis store database and the system files?

- To fully back up all Avactis store files, simply copy all files from  the server to a local machine.

- To fully back up your Avactis store database, open the Control Panel of  your server and dump the database, then save the dump to a local machine.  You may get the appropriate instructions from your hosting provider.

3. A write access error occurred during the update. What should I do?

Check write access settings for the root folder and all its subfolders (as well as all files) for the user account which runs php-scripts on your server. The PHP process should have write access to all store files and folders. Change the access settings as needed (sample shell command: 'chmod -R +w <Avactis-root-dir>', where <Avactis-root-dir> is the store’s root folder).

If necessary, contact your hosting provider's support service to help ensure that the PHP process has the required write access.

4. I don't have the background to correctly update my version.  Could you perform the update for me?

Yes, for unmodified versions of Avactis Shopping Cart software this service starting at $99 (http://www.avactis.com/order_avactis.php#step-1/support).

Avactis Shopping Cart is considered unmodified if no files have been modified in the "Avactis-system" folder. For updating modified version of Avactis, please contact Avactis support http://www.Avactis.com/support.php

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