Store Settings


The Store Settings page lets you configure your online store to best suit your needs. In particular, this section lets you set the store e-mail address, payment and shipping methods offered, tax rate settings, currency denotation, and other store settings:

Short descriptions for each of the sections are given below.

Store Configuration

General Settings

The General Settings page lets you manage the basic settings for your store. You can adjust the display options for items not in stock, the local store time, options for restricting site access in case of multiple "invalid password" errors, and options for displaying the contents of the shopping cart to the customer. You can also temporarily close your store (make it temporarily unavailable to visitors).

Store Owner's Profile

In this section you can set the store details including the name of the store, its e-mail address, postal address(es) and phone numbers.

Payment Methods

This section lets you decide which payment methods are available to your customers. You can choose to make several payment methods available at the same time.

Shipping Methods

In this section you can set the shipping methods available to your customers, configure shipping cost estimator and advanced free shipping rules. You can choose to make several shipping options available at the same time.

E-mail Notifications

This page lets you to change e-mail notification settings and edit e-mail templates for e-mails automatically generated by system events.

Digital Products/E-Goods

On this page you can define the downloadable products settings, including 'Link lifetime' and 'Maximum download attempts allowed'.

Product & Category Images

On this page you can configure the settings for detailed product images and category images.

Search Engine Optimized URLs

Settings for optimizing search engine ranking and placement.

QuickBooks settings

Settings for the Quickbooks export module.

Checkout and Customer Account Settings

Checkout Form Editor

Lets you customize the list of attributes (fields) for Customer Info, Billing Info and Shipping Info to be entered during Checkout in the storefront.

Customer Account Settings

Use the Customer Account Settings to allow Quick Checkout without registration, configure registration fields, manage account authorization, and more. 

Credit Card List Editor

Lets you change and edit Credit Card List.



The Countries section identifies the list of countries whose residents are allowed to place orders at your store. If you do not want to allow orders from a particular country, you can exclude that country from the list.


This page lets you edit the list of available languages.

Label Editor

This page lets you edit, translate, export or import language text labels.


This section displays the list of states (regions, provinces, etc) for countries whose residents are allowed to shop at your store.


This page lets you adjust the taxes and fees applied to orders in accordance with applicable tax legislation.

ZIP Code Based Tax Rates

Add and update ZIP based tax rates.

Date/Time Format

This page lets you adjust the format used for displaying date and time throughout your store.

Number Format

This section sets the format used for displaying positive and negative numbers.

Weight Unit

On this page you can set the format used for displaying weight units. Only one weight unit can be used at a time.

Currency Settings

Store Currencies and Exchange rates

Manage the list of accepted currencies and exchange rates.

Currency Format

Edit currency display settings.

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