Store Block Tags


Store Block Tags are versatile tools for building an online store quickly and easily. Store blocks display online storefront components - Navigation Bar, Product Info, Shopping Cart, etc, which are all integral parts of an online store. The difference between block tags and info tags is that a store block tag calls a template (an html page) where any number of tags can be used, including other block tags as well as info tags.

Store Block Tag

Store Block Tag Description

Directory of Templates Used to Render the Tag

<?php Breadcrumb(); ?>

The customer's current location in the category tree.


<?php Checkout(); ?>

The tag outputs a checkout page.


<?php CheckoutStepLink(1); ?>

The tag outputs a URL which links to the site page that is specified in section [Checkout] in the file storefront-layout.ini. Clicking this link starts the checkout process.


<?php NavigationBar(); ?>

The tree of categories. This block is the main navigational component of an online store.


<?php NavigationBarCustom(); ?>

The tree of the selected category. This tag is similar to the NavigationBar tag, the only difference being that you can send additional parameters to this tag to generate the tree for the selected category.

The parameters of the tag are:
Parameter: Catalog ID number.
Value: The Catalog ID number.

Parameter: Visibility of the parent category label.
Values: True or False

Parameter: Category path selection.
Parameter: Expand tree nodes.

Example: <?php NavigationBarCustom( 4, true, "SELECT_CATEGORY_ONLY", "EXPAND_TREE_NODES"); ?>
Description: This tag will generate the navigation bar for the category ID 4, the text label of this category will be visible, the category path will be not highlighted, and the categories tree will be expanded.


<?php PaginatorDropdown(); ?>

The drop-down list in which the user can select the number of products displayed per page. This block is not a stand-alone tag and can only be called from the template-container of a ProductList block.


<?php PaginatorLine(); ?>

The line containing the page numbers for situations when more than one page is required for displaying the list of products. This block is not a stand-alone tag and can only be called from the template-container of a ProductList block.


<?php CurrencySelector(); ?>

The drop-down list of active currencies. When users select a currency from the list, all storefront prices are displayed in the selected currency.


<?php SubscribeBox(); ?>

Subscribe form that allows customers to subscribe to newsletters.


<?php PromoCodeForm(); ?>

The form for entering promo codes to get a discount.


<?php SearchForm(); ?>

The form for entering keywords to search for products in the catalog.


<?php ShoppingCart(); ?>

The content of the shopping cart (items currently added to the cart).


<?php DownloadProductFilePrompt(); ?>

The message seen by customers which purchased a digital product and clicked the download link in their confirmation e-mail message, along with the download link.


<?php FullTaxExemptForm(); ?>

The small form that allows customers enter their tax exemption number so that their orders won't include taxes.


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