The States page lets you manage the list of active states (provinces, regions, counties, etc). If a state is active, residents of that state are allowed to place orders at your store.

To activate a state, select the corresponding checkbox in the Active column.
For example, if the checkbox for California is selected, then residents of California are able to order from your store, since Canada will be included in the list of countries during checkout.

If a state is inactive, then that state's residents will be able to browse through your store and add products to shopping cart. However, during checkout they will not be able to finish placing the order because their state will be missing from the list of accepted states.

By default, all states of all countries are active. Customers from any state of any country are allowed to place orders at your store.

The Default column lets you select the default state used for its country during checkout. If no default state is set, the first active state in the list is treated as the default state.

After you are finished making changes, click Update. All changes will be saved to the database.

To leave the page, click Cancel.

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