Single Line Attribute


This page is used to create and edit custom attributes having the Single Line Text and Numbers format. This format allows storing of both numerical product parameters and short text strings up to 256 characters long.


You must specify the following details of the custom attribute:

Attribute Tag

Every product attribute has the corresponding tag that you can insert in a custom template to display the attribute value. This custom attribute tag name will be composed of the string specified in this field, put between the "Product" and "Custom" words. As you type the string, you can see the resulting tag below this field. It must be unique and cannot copy any other tag defined either in the system or by you.

The tag may contain no spaces. Allowed symbols: 0—9, A—Z, a—z, -, and _.

For instance, if you create an attribute describing TV set features, you can enter "TVSetFeatures" (no blank spaces) in this field, and the resulting tag will be
<?php ProductTvsetfeaturesCustom(); ?>.

Important! You cannot change the Attribute Tag after creation!

Attribute Name

The string that will be used as the attribute name throughout the Admin Area, for example, in the Add Product window.

For instance, you may use "TV Set Features" as an attribute name for describing TV set features. An attribute name can contain any characters, including spaces.

Attribute Description

A description of the attribute’s purpose. Displayed in the hint that opens when you click the small ? symbol next to the attribute name in the Add Product window.

For instance, the string may be entered as "Specify the TV set features, such as Teletext, S-video input or remote control."

After you specify all attribute details, click the Add button to add the new attribute to the product type.

To close the window without making any changes, click the Cancel button.

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