Search Engine Optimized URLs


This page is to help you define how your storefront page URLs should look.

All pages of your оnline storefront are, in fact, PHP scripts. They have the .php extension and may get additional parameters after a question mark (). All modern search engines index such pages without problems. But you still can change the look of the URLs, so that the pages would appear to be traditional static HTML documents. All pages will have the .html extension with no additional symbols; they, however, will continue to be generated dynamically. It will scarcely improve their position in search engines, but it can make the URLs look more attractive for humans.

Server Requirements
Creating HTML URLs is possible with Apache HTTP server only. It is used as a server mostly on Unix/Linux hosts.

The server should be configured to use its URL rewriting engine called mod_rewrite. If mod_rewrite is disabled or not installed on the hosting server at all, HTML URLs cannot be created. In this case you won't be able to change settings on this page. Your storefront pages will be available as PHP scripts only. This will in no way affect the operation of your online store and its indexing by most search engines.
You can see the necessary details about your server in the General information section.
URL Settings

Category links ID

Required. This string is used in combination with a category number as a part of a URL pointing to a category page.

Product links ID

Required. This string is used in combination with a product number as a part of a URL pointing to a product info page.

URL scheme

The order in which product and category identifiers will appear in URLs. Choose the scheme that you and your customers will like best.



You can see the examples of URLs that will point to your store categories and products below the settings. If the examples don't reflect changes in link IDs, press the Update button to apply the changes.

It's impossible to delete category and product numbers from URLs.
Category and product link IDs cannot be the same.
The strings "My-Category-Name" and "My-Product-Name" will be replaced with the text in SEO URL prefix attribute of categories and products in actual URLs.


HTML URLs (mod_rewrite) status

Shows the current status of this feature. If the feature is enabled, the corresponding message is shown in green color, and your storefront pages look as static HTML.


This is the main setting that defines whether the HTML URLs feature is enabled. Choose the option that you need and press the Update button to apply the changes.

A link to your storefront is provided next to the section name. Click it to see how your store URLs look after changing all the options (it will open in a new window). 


Possible Problems
If you change the look of HTML URLs after they have been indexed by search engines and they will index your store again, they will have two URLs for the same page in their index. The pages may then be considered duplicates and this may affect their position in search results.
You may also lose all your inbound links (pointing at the old URLs); this may affect your site ranking as well.
We recommend you to define the look of your URLs only once, before opening your storefront to visitors and search engine spiders. 

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