Related Products


On the Manage Related Products page, you can add an unlimited number of related products for a product. This tells your customers about products they may be interested in addition to the product they are browsing, which can lead to added sales. For instance, a customer who is buying a notebook (laptop) could be interested in buying a mouse or a headset. To make this possible, you can add a mouse and/or headset as a related product to that notebook in your product catalog.

Here's how you can add a related product:

1. On the Manage Related Products page, use the Product Navigator to select the category with the related product and then select the related product.

2. After selecting the product, click Add. The added product displays in the list of Related Products.

3. You can select more than one related product from different categories as shown on the figure. Add them one by one using the Add button.

4. After all related products are selected, click Save to store your changes. All changes will be saved in the database. To delete or sort the related products, click Delete or Sort, respectively.

5. All the related products you've added in the Admin Area immediately display in the storefront (see figure). To display them related products in the storefront, use the tag <?php RelatedProducts(); ?>, which is available in the storefront templates for version 1.7.2 and later versions.

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