Quantity Discounts


The Discounts section allows you to define product discounts based on quantity ordered.

To define a discount, first enter the quantity range in the 'from' and then enter the discount value in the 'discount' field. You can use the store currency or a % value. Click the Add button to activate the discount:


Discount types

Discount type


$ discount

Product price: $500
Discount: $10

Price per item for this product will be $490

% discount

Product price: $500
Discount: 5%

Price per item for this product will be $475

fixed price

Product price: $500
Discount: Fixed price $350

Price per item for this product will be $350

A discount can be temporarily deactivated. To do so, change its status to Disabled, and then click the Update button.

To delete a discount, select it and click the Delete button.

You can assign a specific membership level to any discount (using group drop down), customers from the specified group(s) will be able to use this discount in the storefront catalogue.

You can also define global discounts based on order subtotal range. This is done in the section Marketing >> Manage Global Discounts.

In addition, you can use the page Admin >> Advanced Settings & Configuration >> Quantity Discount Settings to define the way Quantity Discount will be applied in case the cart contains several items of the same product with different options.

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