Product Options Inventory Tracking


The Product Options Inventory Tracking page lets you enter the Stock Keeping Numbers (SKU) and the number of products in stock for existing product option combinations.

You can generate existing product option combinations for inventory tracking either manually or automatically.

To manually enter SKUs and the stock number of items for a certain combination, you should define an option combination in the New Entry section, enter the SKU and the stock number of items for the selected combination, and then click Add. The selected combination is then added to the product options inventory tracking list.

To automatically create all possible option combinations for inventory tracking click the (Re-)Build button. All possible combinations will be automatically created for inventory tracking.

It must be noted that the system does not allow you to perform inventory tracking for those option combinations which involve an option with Inventory Tracking = NO. If a particular product option needs to affect inventory tracking, you should set its Inventory Tracking parameter to YES in the Manage Product Options section.

To delete an option combination, click the Delete button. To update the changes you've made click the Update button.
To return to the Product Options page, click Return.

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