Product Detailed Images


This page lets you add any number of large images to better illustrate your product.

All additional images can be displayed on the product page in the storefront by using the <?php ProductDetailedImages(); ?> tag.

Here is an example of a block of additional product images in the storefront:

The block parameters can be set in Store Settings, in the Store Configuration / Product & Category Images section.


You can set the size of the generated thumbnails to your own.

Adding Images
To add a detailed image to a product, use the form in the Add New Image section.

1. Select the image file with the Browse... button.
2. Make sure this is the right image by clicking the Preview button. The image will be shown above the form.
3. Optionally specify the text that customers will see instead of the image until it completely loads in their browsers.
4. Click the Add button.

The image will be uploaded to the server. The system will automatically generate a thumbnail for the image of the specified size. It will be shown in the Image List along with the alternate text, image dimensions and size.

Editing Image List
To edit an image's alternate text, type the new text in the corresponding field and then click the Update button to save the changes.

To change the order in which images appear in the storefront, click the Sort button. A window will open where you can edit the order of images with the arrow buttons. To save the new order, click the Update button.

To delete an image, select it with the corresponding checkbox and then click the Delete button. A confirmation dialog will appear. Click OK to delete the image.

You can delete more than one image at the same time.

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