Product Attributes Descriptions


Product Type

Mandatory input field. This field defines the product type. Prior to entering any data for a new product, you must select the existing product type it belongs to. There are default and user-defined product types. To create a new product type, please refer to the user manual.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductTypeName(); ?>

Product ID

Product ID is a unique digital product identifier. This identifier is assigned to a product by the system as a numeric value (e.g. 7693). This assigned number uniquely identifies the product among multiple other products.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductID(); ?>

Product Name

Mandatory input field. Defines the product name.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductName(); ?>

Sale Price (per item)

The product sale price. The product is sold to customers at this price.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductSalePrice(); ?>

List Price (per item)

The product list price. The list price is not used for sales and purchases.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductListPrice(); ?>

Quantity in Stock

Goods remaining in the warehouse. The shopping cart will automatically deduct this quantity after an order is placed.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductQuantityInStock(); ?>

Low level in Stock

Shows the minimum level of a product in the warehouse, at which the stock is considered to be low. To receive e-mail notifications about low stock levels of products, manage the e-mail notification settings on the page Store Settings >> E-mail Notifications.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductLowStockLevel(); ?>


Stock Keeping Unit. Shows the product identifier according to the inventory numbering.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductSKU(); ?>

Minimum Quantity in Order

The minimum quantity of goods that may be ordered.

Attribute Tag:<?php ProductMinQuanity(); ?>

Product Status

Shows whether the product is available in stock. If a product is not available in stock, or if you want to suspend selling this product, you can change its status to Offline. Then it will no longer be visible in the Storefront.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductAvailable(); ?>

Product Tax Class

This field lets you select the Product Tax Class. Depending on the applicable tax assessment laws, a tax may or may not be charged at the time of sale of a product. By default, all products belong to the Nontaxable tax class. The Product Tax Class is defined in Store Settings > Taxes.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductTaxClass(); ?>

Product Manufacturer

This field lets you specify the product manufacturer. Customers will be able to use it to sort products in the storefront, search by it and view products for a selected manufacturer.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductManufacturer(); ?>

Large Image

Allows you to upload a corresponding image for the product.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductLargeImage(); ?>  - Complete path to the product image.

Small Image

Allows you to upload a corresponding thumbnail image for the product.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductSmallImage(); ?> - Complete path to the product thumbnail image.

Image Description

Description of the image. Regular text only.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductImageAltText(); ?>

Short Description

Short description of the product. You may enter HTML text.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductShortDescription(); ?>

Detailed Description

Detailed description of the product. You may enter HTML text.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductDetailedDescription(); ?>

Per Item Shipping Cost

Shows the costs associated with shipping the product to the customer (per item shipping cost). This cost is always added to the amount calculated by the shipping modules Flat Shipping Rates, Custom Shipping Rates, UPS, FedEx, UPS etc.

The Per Item Shipping Cost represents the cost of shipping one item of a product and does NOT include its handling cost. To enter the handling cost for a product, use the Per Item Handling Cost.


A customer ordered 5 products, each of which has a Per Item Shipping Cost = $2 and is shipped by FedEx. Meanwhile, the shipping cost calculated by the FedEx online module equals $17. Thus, the total shipping cost equals $27 ($2 * 5 items + $17).

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductPerItemShippingCost(); ?>

Per Item Handling Cost

Represents the cost of handling one item of a product. This cost is always added to the Per Order Handling Fee.

Example: A customer ordered 10 products, each of which has a Per Item Handling Cost = $3.

The Per Order Handling Fee for the order equals $9. Thus, the Total Order Handling Charge equals $39 ($3 * 10 items + $9).

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductPerItemHandlingCost(); ?>

Weight (per item)

The weight of the product. This value is used by shipping systems for calculating shipping charges.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductWeight(); ?>

Free Shipping

Shows whether the product can be delivered to the customer free of charge.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductFreeShipping(); ?>

Need Shipping

Indicates whether the product should be shipped via the default shipping method.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductNeedShipping(); ?>

Search Engine Information

You can enter the page title for a given product here. This title will be displayed in the top part of the browser, in the title bar. This title is also used by search engines for page indexation purposes.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductPageTitle(); ?>

META Keywords

Key words for this product. This information is used by search engines for page indexation purposes.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductMetaKeywords(); ?>

META Description

The description of the product to be used by search engines. This information is used by search engines for page indexation purposes.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductMetaDescription(); ?>

SEO URL prefix

This string will be added to the beginning of the URL which leads to the product info page. The following characters are accepted: 'a-z', 'A-Z', '0-9', '-', and '_'. All other symbols will be automatically replaced with an underscore '_'.

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductSEOPrefix(); ?>

Example: If the SEO URL prefix for a product is "Multi-Colored_Roses," then the product URL will look as follows:

Customer Reviews

It is possible to allow or disallow the Customer reviews and Rates for the product.

The available options are:

Message and Rate,
Message only,
Rate only,

Attribute Tag: <?php ProductCustomerReviews(); ?>

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