Payment Methods


The Payment Methods page lets you manage the payment methods that you intend to offer for your store's customers.

Availability of payment methods from which you can choose depends on the version of shopping cart software. The full list of payment methods supported by the system is provided under Available Payment Methods. To select one or more payment methods and/or payment gateways, select them in the list and move them to the Selected Payment Methods box by clicking the Right Arrow button.


Under Selected Payment Methods, the order of payment methods is identical to your customers will see when placing an order for a product. Click the Up and Down arrows to define the order in which these payment methods will be displayed to customers. To save any changes click Save.

Once saved, the selected payment methods will appear in the Payment Methods section. By default, the selected payment methods are inactive, that is, they are still unavailable to your customers. To start offering these payment methods, you need to customize the settings and activate the selected payment methods. To do so, click a payment method's name. A new window is displayed where you can customize and activate the payment method.

To remove a payment method from the list of available methods, select it in the Selected Payment Methods column and click the Left button to move it to Available Payment Methods. Click Save. The selected payment method will be removed from the list of Payment Methods.

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