Avactis Shopping Cart Admin Area


The Avactis Admin zone is divided into 3 sections: (1) an information panel on the left-hand side, (2) the Tabs and statistics dashboard on the right-hand side, and (3) the Store Settings, Help, Support and Sign out links:

The information panel consists of 6 sections. Here is a short description of each section:

Store Status contains key with statistics for products, categories and orders.

Use Store Status to open and close your store. Double click ONLINE to close your store, or double click CLOSED to open it.

Quick Links contains the most useful links for store management.

Catalog Search allows you to search for products in the catalog from any page of  the Admin zone.

Visitor Stats shows key information about the activity of your customers.

Product version displays the version and build number of your Avactis Shopping Cart software.

Cache & System Logs allows you to clear system logs and cache.

The right-hand section contains the sales and visitors statistics dashboard, as well as the following control Tabs:







The Store Settings, Content Management System and Admin sections are described in details in these articles:


Page Manager

Layout Design


Store Settings

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