Overview of templates structure


Avactis is designed to make storefront customization as simple as possible.

You can use Page manager and built-in CSS editor to modify design.

The Page Manager allows a store administrator to move page elements in drag-n-drop mode.

The Layout Design page allows a store administrator to activate a design template and modify the selected template design using the built-in visual CSS editor.

Avactis templates structure:

Main templates of the system theme are:


It is recommended to use Page manager for templates structure modification.

The design of Avactis tags may also be customized using templates or CMS.

To modify the <?php MiniCart(); ?> tag or any other tag from Avactis Tag Library, you should to modify its templates.

All templates of Tags are located in the avactis-themes\system folder.
For example Mini Cart templates are located here: avactis-themes\system\catalog\shopping-cart\minicart\

You can switch the default theme of Avactis to another one on the Layout Design page

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