The Orders page allows you to manage orders placed by your customers, export orders to the CSV or Quickbooks file format (.IIF), print packing slip or invoices.

It also lets you find orders by their date, status, or order ID.

The Orders page contains the following sections:

Quick Order Navigation
Search Orders
Orders list

The Quick Order Navigation section lets you quickly access orders having one of these statuses: New, In Progress, or Ready to Ship, or see the full list of orders. To view all orders with a given status, click the corresponding link. All orders with that status will be displayed in the Orders section.

The Search Orders section is used to search orders by number, affiliate ID or order/payment statuses. When searching by status, you can also specify a date interval. To search within a particular date interval, set the starting ending dates of the required interval.

The Order List shows the orders that match the conditions set in the above sections. You can export all orders or selected orders to the CSV or Quickbooks (.IIF) format.
For more information on how to export orders to Quickbooks, please refer to the Quickbooks article.

To view the details of a particular order, click the order number in the first column. The information will display in a new window. To view the details of the customer who placed an order, click the customer's login/e-mail in the second column. Customer information will display in a new window.

Order Statuses

The order statuses used in shopping cart are listed below. After the customer places an order, the order is assigned a New Order status. The status of an order can be changed manually by the system administrator when processing the order.

When changing order status, there is an option to automatically notify the customer about the order status change. This is done by selecting the appropriate settings in Store Settings >> Store Configuration >> Email Notification options. Such email notifications let you inform your customers about the progress of their orders and help raise their level of commitment and loyalty to your online store.

New Order - order has been placed but has not been accepted for processing.
In Progress - order has been accepted for processing.
Ready to Ship - order has been processed and is ready to be shipped.
Shipped - order has been shipped.
Cancelled - order has been cancelled.
Declined - order has been declined by the online store manager.
Completed - order has been completed in full.

Payment statuses
The possible payment statuses are listed below. The status of a payment can be changed manually by the system administrator. Also, payment status can be automatically set to Fully Paid by the system if the payment has been successfully completed through an online payment processing system.

Waiting - payment is pending or has not been made.
Fully Paid - payment has been made in full.
Declined - payment has been declined (for example, because a credit card fraud is suspected).

Changing order and payment statuses
To change the status of an order or payment:

In the line containing the order name, change the status of payment or order;
Click the Update button.

This will save any changes made to the status(-es).

Deleting orders
To delete one or more orders, select the appropriate orders and click the Delete button.

For information on a particular order, click its number. Order information will be displayed in a new window.

For information on a particular customer, click the link containing the customer's name. Customer information will be displayed in a new window.

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