Order Details


The Order Details page allows you to view and edit order information. It also lets you change order status and payment status.

The page contains the following sections:

Key Order Details

Product(s) Ordered

Billing/Payment Information

Shipping Information


Order Logs




Key Order Details

This section contains the most important data for an order:

Order ID

Informational field. The unique ID assigned to the order by shopping carts. Each order has an order ID and can be identified by it.


Clicking the link opens a window with an automatically generated invoice for the order, which can be easily printed and sent to the customer.

Packing Slip

Clicking the link opens a window with an automatically generated slip for the order, which can be easily printed and put on the package containing the order items.

Payment Processor Order ID

The unique ID assigned to the order by an online payment system used to pay for it. Can be missing if the payment was made in cash or in another way without using an online payment system. It can also be missing if a glitch occurred while the payment was processed by an online payment system.

Order Date

Informational field. The day when the order was placed.

Order Amount

Informational field. The total cost of the order, including shipping and handling costs, after applying all taxes and discounts.

Order Status

Identifies the current order status; can be changed.

Every order can have one of the statuses listed below. When a customer places an order, the order is assigned the New Order status. Order status can be changed manually by an administrator when processing the order.

When changing order status, there is an option to automatically notify the customer about the order status change. This is done by selecting the appropriate settings on the Store Settings / Store Configuration / E-mail Notifications page. Such e-mail notifications let you inform your customers about the progress of their orders and help raise their level of commitment and loyalty to your online store.

New Order — order has been placed but has not been accepted for processing.
In Progress — order has been accepted for processing.
Ready to Ship — order has been processed and is ready to be shipped.
Shipped — order has been shipped.
Cancelled — order has been cancelled.
Declined — order has been declined by the online store manager.
Completed — order has been completed in full.

Payment Status

Identifies the current status of payment for the order; can be changed.

The possible payment statuses for an order are listed below. The status of a payment can be changed manually by an administrator. Also, payment status can be automatically set to Fully Paid by shopping cart after the payment has been successfully completed by one of the supported online payment processing systems.

Waiting — payment is pending or has not been made.
Fully Paid — payment has been made in full.
Declined — payment has been declined (for example, because a credit card fraud is suspected).

Payment Method

The method used to pay for the order. If the payment method is subsequently changed, this field can be edited manually.

Shipping Method

The method used to ship the order to the customer.

Tracking Number

The number assigned to the order by a shipping company. Can be used to track the progress of order shipment.




Product(s) Ordered

This section provides complete information on all ordered products, all applied taxes, discounts, and shipping cost. This section can be regarded as the explanation of the Order Amount field above.

Billing/Payment Information

These two sections display the information supplied by the customer. The payer is the person billed for the order and is not necessarily the customer. 

Shipping Information

Shipping Information displays addressee information. The addressee is the person to whom the order is shipped and is not necessarily the customer or the payer.


This section can contain any comments about the particular order. For example, you may record a history of a conversation with the customer which provides more details about the order.

Add Comment

Enter your comments about the order in this field. They will be saved together with other changes when you click the Update button.

Order Logs

This section lets you track the changes made to a placed order.

Possible Actions

To get information about any attribute on the page, click the blue question mark to open a short description (in a new window).

To edit all order attributes, click the Edit button.

To save any changes made to the data and the statuses, click the Update button.

To close the window without making any changes, click the Close button.

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