Manage Newsletters


This page allows you to send out mass e-mails to your customers.

To create an e-mail newsletter you want to send, click the Add button.

In the new window that appears, enter the e-mail information. Enter your e-mail's subject in the Subject field. Enter your name or the name of your store in the From field.

For Reply To, enter the e-mail address to which users will be able to reply. Then write (or paste) the e-mail newsletter in the Letter Content field. Click Save to save your e-mail newsletter.

The Topics is the special list of the recipients (please refer to the Manage Subscriptions for more information).


You can create an unlimited number of e-mail drafts. Click the Edit button to edit a saved e-mail, or click the Delete button to delete it.

To send your newsletter to customers, select it from the list of newsletters (you can select only one e-mail at a time) and click the Send button.

Now everything is ready to send out your newsletter – just click Send, and the system will start sending out the e-mails. 


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