Manage Coupons and Promo Codes


Coupons and Promo codes are effective marketing tools widely used to boost online sales.
The Manage Coupons/Promo Codes page is designed for you to create, modify and delete coupons and Promo codes.

To edit a Promo code created previously, click the Edit button. Click Delete to delete an existing Promo code or coupon.

While browsing your storefront, customers will be able to use registered Promo codes and/or coupons to receive their discounts.


You can add a new Promo Code by clicking the Add Promo Code button. In the window that appears (shown below), you can specify the details of your Promo code or coupon e.g. select free shipping, free handling, expiration time for the promo code and other options:


The Promo Code could be applied to the certain category, product or group of products on the Discounted Items tab:



If you need to apply the Promo Code to some specific category you should: select the needed category from the "Categories" list and click on the "Add Category" button.
If you like to apply the Promo Code to some specific product: select the products category from the "Categories" list, select the product from the "Products in selected category" list and click "Add product" button. Don't forget to click the "Save" button to save the Promo code.

A customer enters the coupon code or Promo code during checkout. The storefront interface for this operation looks roughly like this (you may get a different-looking interface):

If an active Coupon code or Promo code is entered, an appropriate discount is applied to Order Subtotal.



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