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This page is designed to help you manage your product categories: add, delete, sort, or move them to another category, or edit their attributes. The categories management page is AJAX-based, so you can drag-n-drop categories and subcategories to move them.

How to create, move and delete categories using the AJAX-based interface
First, create a new category by clicking the Create Subcategory button. In the Add Category window, enter the name of the new category and save the results. For more details, please refer to the Add Categories link.

The created category will appear in the category tree.

Moving categories and changing their order
To move a category, select it and drag-n-drop it using the mouse to a new position between other categories or subcategories. Don't forget to save the results using the Save Changes button, located at the top of the Manage Categories section.

Refer to the screenshots below:

Moving a category inside another category

You can move any category inside another one. Select the category you want to move and drag-n-drop it into the target category. Don't forget to save the results using the Save Changes button, located at the top of the Manage categories section.

Refer to the screenshots below:

Categories and subcategories menu

Right click on a category or subcategory in the categories editor tree
to open its advanced menu.

Use this menu to:

Create a new category or subcategory
Rename the selected category
Modify the selected category
Delete the selected category
Expand or collapse the categories tree

How to remove a category or subcategory

To remove a category or subcategory, select it with your mouse and click the Delete button in the Manage Categories section. Note that all the products of the deleted category will be also removed.

You cannot restore products and subcategories after they are deleted!

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