Large Text Attribute


This page is used to create and edit custom attributes having a Large Text format. This format allows input of text strings of unlimited length.

To create an attribute having this format, enter the appropriate values into the Attribute Tag, Attribute Name and Attribue Description fields. Click the Add button to add the attribute to the product type being created or edited. To save the added custom attribute and all changes, click Save on the New/Edit Product Type page.


Field Descriptions:

Attribute Tag

The store tag name. The tag name distinguishes a given attribute from other attributes created by the user or attributes available in the system by default. The tag name must be entered without any blank spaces. The following letters and digits are allowed: 0-9, A-Z, a-z, -, and _. For instance, if you create an attribute describing the features of a TV set, you may use TVSetFeatures (no blank spaces) as its name.

Attention: You cannot change or edit Attribute Tags after creation.

Note: Functional word Product at the beginning will be automatically appended to the tag name. For instance, if you have created custom attribute TVSetFeatures, you need to use the tag <?php ProductTVSetFeatures() ?>

in the templates. The tag assigned to the attribute in the system is displayed below the Attribute Tag line. Please refer to the documentation for additional details about tags.

Attribute Name

Defines the attribute name. For instance, you may use "TV Set Features" to describe the features of a TV set. An attribute name can contain any characters, including blank spaces.

Attribute Description

Contains the attribute description. For instance, you may provide a description such as "This attribute allows you to specify TV set features."

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