Integration of storefront to existing design


You can use default design themes of Avactis, modify them, create new themes or integrate Avactis tags into any existing design or PHP file by using Avactis Tag Technology.

The full list of Avactis Tags is available in the Avactis Tag Library

The integration is very simple and consists of 3 simple steps:

Lets imagine that you already have a ready-to-use site or HTML page, and want to add shopping cart elements to it, e.g. product search, minicart and so on.
First, you should rename your HTML page to PHP, e.g. my_site.html should be renamed to my_site.php

Second, include the initialization file of Avactis in this file by using the following code:

<?php include('init.php'); ?>


And finally, add the Avactis Tags to the appropriate places on the page, for example:

<?php SearchForm(); ?>
<?php MiniCart(); ?>

You can even use this method to show content articles from Avactis CMS, for example:

<?php CMSPageContent('my_cms_page'); ?>

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