Reviews managment Guide


To configure the reviews for your products, follow these steps:

Create a new list of rate categories

You can add a new list of rating categories using the Customer Reviews: List of Rates page in the Admin page (Advanced Settings & Configuration section).

Here you can configure the list of rating categories for customers to use in their reviews. You can define any rating categories, for example: Quality, Ease of Use, Value for Money and so on.





You customers will be able to rate each option in storefront.

Example of a storefront review:



Customer Reviews configuration

After the list of rating categories is created, you can configure the module settings using the Customer Reviews page on the Admin page (Advanced Settings & Configuration section).

You can activate or deactivate the Customer Reviews module, and set the order in which customer reviews will be sorted.

Also you can define the following settings:

Approve before posting

Choose which reviews require approval before posting: anonymous reviews, all reviews, or none (i.e. disable the "approve" mode for all reviews).

Enable multiple reviews from the same IP

Allow or disallow posting multiple reviews for the same product from the same IP address.

Write and read review settings

Allow or disallow unregistered customers to write or read reviews.

Managing Customer Reviews

After Customer Reviews are configured, you can test the reviews interface on the storefront, add a few reviews as a customer, or just wait for new customer reviews to be posted.

Reviews can be managed from the Reviews tab in the Admin zone:

Use this Tab to:

Search all reviews by date range, author, IP, etc.
Update review statuses (Approved, Not approved, Pending).
Edit existing reviews or add new reviews.

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