Google Base (Froogle) Export


This wizard lets you prepare a file for listing your products in Google Product Search. It generates the correct Data Feed that you can manually upload to your Google Base account.


Google Product Search (formerly Froogle) is a free Google service that helps people quickly find stuff they can buy online. You can list your products for free and attract additional customers to your store. See Google's Information for Sellers and Google Base Help to get started.
Step 1 of 2. Select Products to Export
In this step you must specify the category that contains the products you want to appear on Product Search pages, and whether you want to include additional details about your products in the file. You can view the descriptions of all fields by clicking the small question mark icons.

After specifying all the settings, click the Start button to perform the export.

Step 2 of 2. Exporting
In this step, the actual generation of the Data Feed file is performed. The process details are provided in the Export log.

When the export finishes, click the Download button to save the Data Feed to your computer. Now you can upload this file to your Google Base account, and the products contained in it will appear in Google Product Search.

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