Global Discounts


This page lets you define discounts that will apply to all orders placed at your store. They are called Global Discounts. Global discounts can be calculated based on subtotal order amount only.


Discounts List

Currently defined global discounts are displayed in a list with the following columns:


Indicates if shopping cart system applies the discount. Change this setting to temporarily disable or enable previously defined discounts.

Order Subtotal Range

The discount will be applied to orders only when the subtotal amount falls within the specified range.

Order Discount

The specified percentage is subtracted from Order Total after calculating taxes and shipping cost for an order.

If no corresponding discount is found for an order being placed (the order subtotal doesn't fall in any of the defined ranges), then no discount is applied for that order.
To view global discounts applied to orders, see their individual Order Info pages.
Adding Discounts
To add a new discount, use the form at the bottom of the list. See above for the descriptions of form fields required. Click the Add button to save and activate the new global discount.
Removing Discounts
To disable one or more global discounts (that is, to stop applying them to any orders), select the Disabled option from the corresponding drop-down list on the left and then click the Update button in the list header. The new status of discount(s) will be saved.

To completely remove a global discount, select it with the corresponding checkbox on the right and click the Delete button in the list header. The discount will be removed from the list.

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