Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Problems

Question: During installation I got the following error message: "The amount of memory available to PHP processes should be at least 64MB".
Question: During installation I received an error message telling me the system cannot install (write) some files. How do I fix this?

How to Setup Taxes


Question: How do I configure sales taxes in Quebec, Canada?

UK/European Union

Question: How do I configure taxes in the UK?


Question: How do I configure my sales tax?
Question: How do I configure ZIP-code-based taxes?
Question: How do I setup multi-state tax rules?

How to Move Store to Another Server

Question: I installed the shopping cart on my test website. Then I customized the design, added products, defined taxes and configured other settings. Now my test store is all ready to go live. How do I transfer it to my working site?

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