Store Currencies and Exchange Rates


On this page, you can select your main store currency as well as additional currencies.

The main currency of your store is used in all store prices and amounts: all product prices, all discounts, shipping charges, and so on.

Additional currencies are currencies which can be selected by customers in the storefront. All product prices are then converted to the selected currency based on the store-defined exchange rates.

If needed you can hide any additional currency from your customers using the Visible for customers checkbox.

Changing your store’s main currency
When a store only has a main currency and no additional ones, the page Store Settings >> Store Currencies looks as follows.
To change your main store currency, click the Change link. A currency selection form will display:

Select the currency you want from the Main Store Currency list. In the top textbox, enter some name for the currency, which will be displayed in the storefront.

After selecting a currency, click the Save link to save your changes.


When the main store currency is changed, all existing additional currencies are deleted!

Working with additional store currencies
Select a currency using the Add Additional Currency form. You can set the currency exchange rate (relative to the main store currency) manually, or have the application obtain the current exchange rates from or

Click the Add button to add the new currency.

A message will appear to confirm that the new currency has been successfully added to the list of additional store currencies.

You can customize the names of any additional store currencies. This name will be shown to customers in the storefront in the "change currency" block. You can also change the exchange rate for a currency. To save your changes, click the Update button.

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