Edit Tax Rate


This page lets you define the formula that shopping cart will use to calculate the amount of the tax specified. 




Product Tax Class

The tax class that this rule is included in. If a product belongs to this class, shopping cart will calculate the tax according to this rule.

Tax Name

The tax that is to be calculated.

Shipping/Billing Address

If the tax to be calculated is address-dependent, specify the region to which the tax applies. The tax amount will be calculated only if the customer's address falls in the region. Otherwise, Avactis won't use this rule.

To apply this rule to a whole country, select the All States option.

Rate (%)

The system will calculate the tax amount as the specified percentage of some base price (described below). If a tax in the selected state/region depends on the ZIP code, select the ZIP Code Based Rates option.  

Note: ZIP Code Tax Rates affect the tax only for the state/region and country selected in the Shipping/Billing Address.

Select Zip Code Based Rates

In the drop-down list, select the file which stores the tax rates depending on the ZIP code for the selected state/region and country. The tax rates file must first be uploaded on the Store Settings >> ZIP Code Based Tax Rates page.

Tax Formula

This is an informational field. It describes the formula that the shopping cart system will use to calculate this tax amount. It starts with the tax specified in Tax Name setting, then shows the percentage taken from a base price, and the base price itself, shown in parentheses.


The rest of the controls serve to change the base price in parentheses. You can insert any of the presented components in it. A component is always inserted before the last closing parenthesis, so make sure to insert them in the correct order.



Removes all components of the base price and lets you compose it from scratch.


Removes the last component that was inserted in the formula.

Select Price

A product attribute whose value should be included in the base price. Select an attribute and click the Add button.

Select Tax

Any other tax amount calculated for the product can be included in the base price as well. Select a tax and click the Add button.

Add Number

Any fixed amount can be included in the base price as well. Enter a number and click the Add button.

+, --, *, /, (, )

Mathematical operators that you can insert in the formula. Click a button to insert the corresponding operator.

The Not Applicable option is useful for tweaking address-dependent tax rules. For example, you can specify a tax for a whole country, and then disable it for one state of the country. To do so, use the following steps:
Create a rule for a tax and specify All States of a country.
Create a rule for the same tax, select the same country and the state to which this tax does not apply, and then check the Not Applicable option.

When the rule is ready, click the Update button to save it and close the window. You can close the window at any time without saving any changes by clicking the Cancel button.

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