CSS Customization


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a simple mechanism for adding style (e.g. fonts, colors) to Web pages.
The main Cascading Style Sheet file (CSS) of the default store design is /Avactis-themes/system/css/styles.css

You can modify theme design using built-in CSS editor.

The content of the main CSS is divided into several CSS files:

CSS files for default elements and layout:

@import url("common.default.css");
@import url("common.box.css");
@import url("layout.css");
@import url("style.buttons.css");

CSS files for shopping cart pages and elements design:

@import url("style.menu.css");
@import url("style.search.css");
@import url("style.navigation_bar.css");
@import url("style.product_list.css");
@import url("style.product_list_sorter.css");
@import url("style.product_info.css");
@import url("style.shoppingcart.css");
@import url("style.checkout.css");
@import url("style.myaccount.css");
@import url("style.subscribe.css");
@import url("style.shipping_calculator.css");
@import url("style.subcategories.css");

It is not recommended to use the following postfixes in the names of the CSS classes: _db, _ql, _image, _html, _dom, _iframe, _ajax, _script
For example: product_image. These postfixes are reserved for AJAX extensions.

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