This page allows you to manage your customers. You can browse the customer list or search for a specific person, view the total number and amount of all orders placed by a customer, change customer membership as well as activate, delete, or reset passwords for accounts.

The page has the following sections:

Quick Customer Navigation
Search Customers
Customer list

The Quick Customer Navigation section lets you quickly find a customer by the first letter of either their last name or their e-mail. Select the type of search from the 'Filter by' drop-down list and then click a letter. All customers whose last name/e-mail starts with the selected letter will display in the Customer list.

Using the Search Customers section, you can find a customer based on just a few letters of their name, email, or login. Type the characters in the search field and click the Search button. All customers whose name, e-mail or login matches these characters will display in the Customer list
Customer List
The Customer list shows the following information about every customer:


Registered — The customer has successfully registered with your store and activated their account.
Not Activated — The customer has registered with your store and has been sent a confirmation message or is awaiting manual activation (depending on the Store Settings / Customer Account Settings / Account activation scheme setting). The customer must activate their account by following the instructions in the message, or you need to activate the corresponding account manually.
Password reset — The customer forgot their password and requested a password reset, or the password was reset by you (using the Reset passwords button). The customer cannot sign in to your store until they set a new password by clicking the link they were sent.
Quick Checkout — The customer hasn't created an account and instead used the Quick Checkout procedure to buy your products.


The identifier (username) that the customer uses to sign in to your store. In most cases this is the customer's e-mail address. If you enabled the 'Automatically create a Customer Account after an order is placed by Quick Checkout' setting in Store Settings / Customer Account Settings, the login string can be automatically generated by shopping cart as a sequence of digits.


The customer's first and last name entered during registration.


The total number of orders that the customer has placed at your store, regardless of their status (paid, declined, etc).

Total Amount Paid

The total amount of money that you have received from the customer since they registered with your store. Sorting the list by this column can help you identify your most valuable customers.

Total Amount

The total cost of all orders placed by the customer. The amount in this column can be higher than Total Amount Paid.


Customer membership level. You can manage all existing membership levels by using the Customer Groups button.

It is possible to manually assign products to a certain membership level, so that these products will be available only to a specific membership group.

You can sort the list according to any of these columns by clicking the column title.

To view complete information about a customer in the list, click their Login/E-mail. A new window will open where you can view the customer's address, billing and shipping information, and the complete list of their orders and current order statuses.

Resetting customer passwords
Select the necessary customers in the list and click the Reset passwords button. The customer status will be changed to Password reset.
The customer will be emailed a link which they can click to set a new password (the e-mail message can be customized on the Store Settings / E-mail Notifications page). Until the new password is set, the customer will not be able to sign in to your store.
Note: The old password cannot be restored.

Activating customers
You can activate any non-activated customers manually by selecting them in the list and clicking the Activate button. The corresponding accounts will be assigned the Registered status. 

Deleting customers
To delete one or more customers, select them in the list and click the Delete button.

Customer groups
You can manage customer groups (customer memberships) by using the Customer groups button.

Export Customer List
You can export all customer information to a CSV file and download it to your local computer.
CSV is a convenient format for storing spreadsheet data in a simple text file. This format is widely supported by different spreadsheet editors, including Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc and Google Docs & Spreadsheets. See the Wikipedia article Comma-Separated Values for a detailed description.
To export customer data, click the Export button. A new window will open to help you in the process.
Step 1 of 2. Choosing attributes
On the first page you will be able to see the total number of customers that will be exported and choose what data will be included in the resulting CSV file. Check the necessary attributes and then click the Start button to create the CSV file.
Step 2 of 2. Exporting
On the next page, it will show you the details of the exporting process. The information will display in the Export log.
When the process completes, the Download CSV button will be activated. Click the button to download the resulting CSV file to your computer.
To cancel exporting and close the window at any time, click the Cancel button.

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