Customer Account Settings


The Customer Account Settings page provides flexible customization options for customer account management. The various page sections are described below.


Checkout Process Types

Only Quick Checkout. Customer Accounts disabled.

This checkout type should be selected only if you don’t want your customers to open accounts with your store. The checkout process is very simple.

Both Quick Checkout and Customer Accounts enabled.

This checkout type lets customers choose whether they want to open an account to make their purchase. They can either use Quick Checkout or open an account for making more purchases in the future. 

This checkout type has the following additional options:

Automatically create a Customer Account after an order is placed by Quick Checkout. The Billing E-Mail will be used as the login. If such a login already exists, an anonymous login will be created, which the customer can later change in their profile.
Add orders created in the Quick Checkout mode to the corresponding account. An account search will be performed based on the Billing E-Mail entered. If the search is successful, the created order will be added to the found account without creating a new account.

Checkout with Customer Accounts only.

Registration/Login required for checkout. Quick Checkout disabled. With this checkout option, every customer will be required to open an account to place their order(s).


Account activation scheme

Account activation is not required.

After the customer registers, they can immediately start using their account for making purchases.


After the customer registers, they cannot use their account until an administrator activates it. Users cannot activate accounts by themselves.


After the customer registers, they receive an e-mail message with the link for activating their account. Until they go to that activation link, the customer cannot use their account. This activation scheme allows you to avoid the creation of fake accounts.

Registration information
Use this section to define what information the customer will have to enter during account registration. For every field that is not required, clear the corresponding checkbox in the Required column. To hide an unneeded field, clear the corresponding checkbox in the Visibility column. Use the Sort button to sort the fields. After you are finished making changes, click the Save button.

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