Restore From Backup (Linux)


To restore from a backup, you need secure shell access to the website. Hosting providers usually allow this type of access.
For example, if you need to restore from the file backup_2008-12-23_09-32-37.tar.gz, go to the Avactis-system folder and enter the following command:

./ backup/backup_2008-12-23_09-32-37.tar.gz

All data will be restored.

The Plesk control panel example below shows how to restore a website from a backup.

IMPORTANT! Your view may differ. The description given here is an example only.

Step #1
In a new browser window, open your Plesk control panel and navigate to the Home page:

Click the SSH Terminal icon. The following terminal will open:

Enter the main FTP login and password.

If the login and password match, the command line prompt will appear:

Enter the ls command, which displays the list of files and folders contained in the current folder:

We are located in the root of the hosting account, httpdocs.

We need to navigate to the shopping cart software installation folder and then the subfolder 'Avactis-system'.

For example, if the shopping cart software was installed in the website’s root folder, you can navigate to it with the following command:

cd httpdocs/Avactis-system/

If the shopping cart software was installed in the ‘store’ folder, you can navigate to it with the following command:

cd httpdocs/store/Avactis-system/

Once in the 'Avactis-system' subfolder, enter the command ls backup/*gz to check if there are any backups stored:

In our case, there is just one backup file. Let’s use it to start up a restore process. To do so, run the script and pass the path to the appropriate backup file as a parameter.

Since we are in the 'Avactis-system' folder right now, we enter the following command to start the restore process:

./ backup/backup_2008-12-23_09-32-37.tar.gz

The command is executed as follows:

Your online store is now successfully restored, including the shopping cart software, your product catalog, orders, customer accounts, and all your settings.

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