Setting up backup and restore scripts (Linux)


To create backups and use them to restore your system, you need to properly set up the scripts that manage these processes. In Linux/Unix and similar operating systems, any script that is designed to be executed must have execution rights. Therefore, before using these backup scripts, you have to make sure they have the appropriate rights.

Automatic creation of a complete backup copy of your shopping cart system, including the product catalog, orders, customer accounts, settings and all files installed in your storefront directory, is performed by the Linux shell-script, which is located in the following folder:


This script backs up all files in the shopping cart installation folder and performs a complete database backup. The resulting backup file is copied to the following folder:


The script that restores the system from a backup is located in the following folder:


The full path to is available to copy/paste in the Backup and Restore Scripts section at Admin >> Data Backup & Restore.

The Plesk control panel example below shows how to assign script rights.

IMPORTANT! Your view may differ. The description given here is an example only.

Step #1
In a new browser window, open your Plesk control panel and navigate to the Home page:

Step #2
Click the File Manager icon. The next page shows the list of files and folders in the root of your website:


Step #3
Open the httpdocs folder and then navigate to the folder where you installed the shopping cart software. This folder will look as follows:

Step #4
Click the Avactis-system folder. You will see a list of files including and

Now, assign the appropriate rights to the files and For each file, click the corresponding link in the Permissions column to open the access rights editing window:

Make sure that all checkboxes in the Execute/search mode column are selected, then click OK. Do this for each of the two files ( and

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