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Data backup is a critical part of any Internet application. A backup copy allows you to restore your online store to an operating condition in case of web server failure, database server failure, or other unexpected situations.

It is critical to automatically back up your online store at regular intervals – at least once a day. We also recommended saving backups to a local computer or to other servers. A complete backup copy allows you to get your online store up and running as soon as possible, no matter what type of failure occurs.

The Shopping cart software provides special tools to automatically create complete backup copies of your installation, including all system source code and database, as well as to restore them.

1. Creating backup copies and restoring in Linux/Unix.

Backing up is important for keeping your data safe. This is why you need to use a reliable hosting service, which provides the following features:
- SSH Access (Secure Shell)
- Cron Jobs

Automatic backups

To backup and restore in the Linux operating system, you need to set the correct execution rights for the and scripts (Executable) as described in “Appropriate execution rights for and”.
Then, configure cron to execute the script at regular intervals (at least once a day is recommended) as described in “Automating backups via cron.”
If all of these actions are performed correctly, the shopping cart software will create backup copies automatically, without your involvement. The backup copies will be available for download at Admin >> Data Backup & Restore. Use this page to download any of the backups or to delete old backup files.

You can also download backups via FTP. They are located in Avactis-system/backup/.

It is recommended to download backup files to your PC at regular time intervals to prevent loss of data in the event of server failure. If a server failure occurs, you will be able to restore the online store from the backup files saved to your PC.

Restoring from a backup.
If something unexpected happens, you can restore the shopping cart system and all related data by using previously created backup files. This process is described in detail in Restore From Backup (Linux)

2. Creating backups and restoring in other operating systems
To create automatic backups of your online store and to restore data in other operating systems, use the system tools supplied by your hosting provider.

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