Credit Card List Editor


The Credit Card List Editor lets you define the types of credit cards you accept for payments in your store. Only the types that you set to Visible will be available to customers during the checkout process. Payment processing modules also use this information.

You can also make changes in the displayed names of credit card types, if needed. After making changes in names or visibility settings, click the Save button for the changes to take effect.

You can change the order in which the credit card types are displayed to customers by clicking the "Sort" button. The Sorting credit card types window will open where you can sort the types using arrow buttons.

You can add any other card type not listed on the page. To do so, enter its name (displayed to customers) and click the Add button. Customers will be able to select this type of card for payment as long as it is Visible.

You can modify the attribute of any credit card type by clicking the Attributes link, also it is possible to make any attribute required:


Payment modules can't process the new card type automatically because it is unknown to them. If this new card type is used, you will only be able to view its details in the customer order and process it manually.

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