CMS Block Tags


CMS Block Tags display Content Management System (CMS) components - CMS page, CMS menu etc.

CMS Block Tag

CMS Block Tag Description

Directory of Templates Used to Render the Tag

<?php CMSPage(); ?>

The tag outputs the whole CMS article (as HTML code) including H1 header, page content, and links to the parent page.


<?php CMSPageTree(); ?>

Displays the tree of sub-articles for the current CMS article.
Without the parameters, the tag will display the tree for the current article.

Parameter: CMSPageTree(0)
Description: Display the full tree of the CMS articles.

Parameter: CMSPageTree('article_id')
Description: Display the tree for the article with ID = 'article_id'


<?php CMSMenu(); ?>

Displays the CMS pages menu.

Parameter: Menu ID.
Values: The ID of the CMS pages menu.

Parameter: Custom template.
Values: The custom template folder for the menu.

Example: <?php CMSMenu (1, 'custom_template_folder'); ?>
Description: This tag will generate the menu for the menu ID 1. The template for the menu will be not default, but will be based on cms/menu/custom_template_folder/.


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