Admin Members


The Admin Members page allows you to manage access to shopping cart software. You can add and delete admin member accounts and change their system access permissions.


The page includes the following details for each account:


Admin member's name. Displayed as a link. Clicking on the link opens a window where you can edit the account details.


Admin member's email address. This is the address to which system notifications — low stock levels, new order placements, order status changes, security issues — are sent, depending on the account permissions.

Number of sign-ins

The number of times this member signed in to the admin area, recorded to date.

Last Logged In

Indicates the date this member last signed in to the admin area.


Indicates when this account was created.


Indicates the date this account's properties were changed last.

To edit an account's details, click the admin member's name. The account settings will be shown in the window that opens.

The availability of settings depends on the permissions set for each particular account. Click the Edit button to make changes or click the Change Password button to change the password for the account.

To create a new admin account, click the Add button. A new window will open where you can set the settings for the new account.

To delete an account, select the corresponding checkbox and then click the Delete button. After you confirm deletion, the account will be deleted from system and the member will no longer be able to access the admin area.

Depending on the permissions set for your account, some of the actions described above may be unavailable.

Permissions (Access Control List)

You can create new types of administrative users and restrict them to specific store functions using the Permissions section.

For example, you can create an administrative user with access to Reviews, Reports and Marketing tabs:

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