Add New Products


This page allows you to enter information and attributes for a new product:

All fields indicated by red color and marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields. You can input data into the remaining fields later.

To close the window, click the Cancel button. In this case no new product will be created.

Once you have finished entering the data, click the Save button (if you intend to create another product in the same category, use the Save and Add Another button). This will create a new product in the current category.

After you click Save, new product sections become active, including Options, E-Goods, Images, Multicategories, Discount, and Related Products. These sections allow you to enter additional information for a product as described below:


Lets you manage product options. For example, you can sell the a product in different sizes. Then you should create an option for this product called Size.


If your product is downloadable, you can attach the necessary files to it.


This section lets you add extra images to a product.


In this section you can specify the list of product categories in which this product will appear.


Lets you set up discounts for this product depending on quantity ordered.

Related Products

Lets you “link” related products to this product, such as accessories.



To view information about a specific attribute, click the question mark . This will open a new window with the description of this attribute of the product.

See also: Product Attributes Descriptions

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